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Got interviewed (at dev meetup in China) about my current job.


Got interviewed (at dev meetup in China) about my current job.

I had an online presentation at a developers meetup (organized by Microsoft Reactor) in China on May 17, which I got interviewed about my current job, Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft.
Since I’m not good at English, I prepared a script for the interview. (The organizer was so kind that they sent me the questions what they’ll ask me at the event, so I was able to prepare for it.)

madoka chiyoda

Here’s the script:

Q1: Would you mind introducing a little bit of your current job?

I am Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft Japan, which mission is to empower developers to do more with the cloud. For that, we create technical contents, help community, connect them to engineering team, and have presentation at developer meetup like I’m doing now.

Q2: Why would you like to be a Could Development Advocate?

Because I wanted to give back to community. When I was a college student, I got interested in programming, however, my major was not computer science, so I had to learn it by myself. At that time, community people helped me a lot. I asked them many questions about programming on a social networking service and they answered very kindly. I really appreciate them so I am glad to be able to give them back now.

Q3: How could you get this offer?

I simply applied for open Cloud Advocate role at the official webpage “”. Before that, I used to be a technical Evangelist and then moved to Software Engineer role at Microsoft Japan, but I wanted to work for developer community, so I decided to apply for a new job.

Q4: What’s your typical day for being a cloud development advocate?

More than half of my work time, I create technical contents like developing applications for demonstration, writing articles, video shooting about programming, learning new stuff, and making PowerPoint slides for presentation. Other than that, I communicate with developers to know what they want us to help.
In my free time, I got into Animal Crossing of Nintendo these days, I play it over for 10 hours a day on holidays. I also enjoy drawing manga and watching some anime.

Q5: It must be a relatively large part of your daily work to communicate with developers? What’s your impression of them?

Yes, communicating with developers is one of the most important parts of my role. Since Cloud Developer Advocate is the role for developer community, it’s essential to be with them. Besides, as I am a developer too, I really love to talk with developer friends. They really love technology and always learning a lot, I respect them so much. I am honored to be with them.

Madoka Chomado (ちょまど)

千代田まどかです。よく「ちょまど」と呼ばれます。Microsoft 社員。文系出身プログラマ兼マンガ家です。


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